Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Modo J20 4 v Timrå J20 2 (Training match)

Last night the Modo J20 team took on arch rivals Timrå in a training match at Fjällräven Center. Although only a training match, the matches against Timrå are always worth watching and around 150 people showed up to see this one.

It started well for Modo with a goal after just 32 seconds. And after just 1:19, they registered their second goal for the night. Timrå looked slow and disorganized for much of the first period and Modo capitalized once again after 7:31 with another goal, this time on the power play. The first period ended with a goal for Timrå at 16:16 but generally, the smaller Timrå side were not able to keep up with Modo Hockey.

The second and third periods were a closer affair, with Timrå having small periods of dominance but being unable to capitalize. Eventually they got a breakthrough and reduced Modo's lead to one but within 1 minute Modo had hit back. The scores didn't change after that and the match ended 4-2.

In all honestly, Modo should have been more forceful in their attack, There were too many fancy passes and slick puck handling but it's the goals that count, and despite being happy with a win, I am certain the boys will be told to sharpen up and leave the fancy stuff at home next game.

The shot count was surprising, with Timrå having 36 to Modo's 27, but with a goaltender like Linus Ullmark who remained cool and calm throughout the match, Modo never really had to worry. Ullmark made 2 outstanding saves in the third period and watching his positioning and movement, he could really be a player to keep an eye on for the future.

Other players who made a big impact on the night were Erik Nyström, Edwin Hedberg and Måns Kruger. Hedberg in particular was extremely fast moving across the ice and his puck control was, at times, mesmerizing.

The future is looking bright for Modo Hockey, as long as some of these young up and comers get a chance in the first team. A good match and a good win, which will certainly inspire confidence in the boys before their next match.

If you are interested in seeing Modo's A-team take on Skellefteå in Härnösand tonght, will have a live stream of the game. From what i understand it will be a video feed, not a commentary text feed. If I am wrong, I do apologise.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you out at the next match.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Ice Premiere Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the 6th of August,  Modo Hockey hosts their annual Ice Premiere as the seasons training schedule begins for our beloved team.
Amongst autograph signing, an evening concert and a skills competition, you can also see the TV Puck match between Ångermanland and Västerbotten from 1:30pm and at around 4:00pm Modo Hockey will play an exhibition match against the Swedish bandy team (think field hockey on ice).
We hope to see all the fans turn out for what should be a fun day as the build up to the coming season continues.
The Modo Army will of course be at Fjällräven Center at 1:30pm and on Sunday will have a new blog out with photos and perhaps a few video clips.
Hope to see everybody there.

The Modo Army.